Kerala officer's heartwarming act: Breastfeeds hospitalised woman's baby

Kerala officer's heartwarming act: Breastfeeds hospitalised woman's baby

Kochi, Nov 24 (PTI) In a touching display of compassion, Civil Police Officer M A Arya from Kochi Women's Police Station breastfed a hungry four-month-old baby while the infant's ailing mother was hospitalised nearby.

Officer Arya, a mother of a nine-month-old herself, stepped forward to breastfeed the crying baby of a Patna resident undergoing treatment in the ICU of Ernakulam General Hospital.

The ailing Patna resident's four children, left with no one to care for them, were brought to the Kochi City Women's Station for assistance on Thursday.

According to the police, the family had been staying in Kerala for quite some time. They said that the Patna woman's husband is currently in jail in connection with a case.

While police personnel in the station pitched in to provide food for the three older children, Arya went above and beyond her call of duty by offering breast milk to feed the youngest one.

The city police praised Arya's deed.

The children were later shifted to a child care home, ensuring their well-being in a more suitable environment, a statement issued by the police said.

The police also shared a picture capturing the moment when the officer comforted the baby. PTI TGB TGB SS

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