Never felt frustrated when things were not working out: Pankaj Tripathi

Never felt frustrated when things were not working out: Pankaj Tripathi

Panaji, Nov 23 (PTI) Pankaj Tripathi says he is a very content person in life which is why he didn't feel frustrated when things were not working out for him in the film industry.

Though it took off late, Tripathi's career is filled with some of the most critically-acclaimed movies and shows of recent times such as 'Gurgaon', 'Mirzapur', 'Sacred Games', 'Masaan', 'Newton', 'Nil Battey Sannata', 'Bareilly Ki Barfi', 'Mimi' and 'OMG 2'.

During a masterclass here at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), the actor spoke about his phase of struggle.

'I thought things will start happening for me after 'Gangs of Wasseypur' but it didn't. However, I never felt frustrated about it. I'm a very content person. I used to feel happy playing the role of a police officer in a daily soap for a week. I never felt like 'what am I doing? Am I supposed to do this? I should be doing something else'... I have never said no to any role,' Tripathi said.

During the session, the actor also spoke about his acting process and how he tackles fame.

'No one used to know me in Goa 15 years ago and there is a possibility that no one will remember me 15 years later. So this brings you back on track that it is all false. The world is a stage and your character is performing right now. And one day this character will flop,' he said.

Tripathi said his profession requires a person to look at both internal and external aspects of life.

'The arena of an actor's preparation for a role is quite wide. You will have to read the literature and at the same time, you have to look at your own life, in terms of everything... We are living a life but it becomes our job to observe and explore it as well,' he said.

Tripathi said people always call him a humble person, something that often surprises him.

'I have an image of being a humble person. And these days, I have been pondering about it -- 'Am I really a humble person or am I a shrewd person who is acting like a humble person?' I'm trying to discover the reality of this because I don't know where I'm acting and where I'm not.

'I do feel anger and have thoughts about taking revenge. But over time, I have overcome because I know that by getting angry or by taking revenge, I will harm myself first. When I get angry, within seconds, my thoughts take over that 'It will only waste your time. Just leave it.' And I do that. I just smile and go ahead with my life,' he said.

The actor remembered the praise he received from veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt after he saw Tripathi’s performance in the 2017 satirical drama 'Newton'. Tripathi received Special Mention for the role at the National Film Awards.

'I remember Mahesh Bhatt sir called me after watching 'Newton'. He told me, 'Pankaj, I've called you to say that you were very good in the film. In three or four places, you were out of focus in a wide angle shot as you were standing far behind. But still you were truthful to the craft. So just maintain this truth in your acting,'' the actor said, recalling their conversation.

A camera is a magical equipment, said Tripathi, as it has the power to capture time and space without being judgmental.

'I believe that a mid-shot just doesn't capture your face. It also captures your soul,' he added.

Asked about why he has not done films outside Hindi cinema, Tripathi said it is due to the language barrier.

'I'm so busy with my Hindi movie commitments. It is also because I'm not able to speak the languages. I did one movie down South with this brilliant writer-director Veeru Potla ('Doosukeltha').

'But when I was working on that movie, I realised that I'm not able to speak the language and I can't say ABCD and act for the camera. So it is due to the language barrier. Otherwise, I would love to do something down south,' the actor said.

At IFFI, Tripathi presented his latest film 'Kadak Singh', directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury of 'Pink' fame.

The movie, which also features Parvathy Thiruvothu and Sanjana Sanghi, was screened as part of the 'World Gala Premiere' section.

The 54th edition of the IFFI will conclude on November 28. PTI RB VN VN

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