'Train nuisance' video: Highlighting 'delayed' action, says woman passenger after RPF pulls her up

'Train nuisance' video: Highlighting 'delayed' action, says woman passenger after RPF pulls her up

New Delhi, Nov 24 (PTI) A woman passenger, who happens to be the Rajasthan AAP women wing president, said she posted online a video of three persons creating nuisance in the train to highlight 'delayed' action by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on her complaint.

Gayatri Bishnoi's response came after the RPF issued a statement saying that she posted the video after action was 'swiftly' taken against them.

“I wanted to ensure that the matter should not be hushed up later on,” Bishnoi told PTI.

“My purpose was to create awareness about how late action on the part of the RPF put many woman passengers travelling in trains in a vulnerable and awkward situation. Also, I wanted to let the people know that in many trains, there is not a single RPF jawan,” Bishnoi added.

The RPF, in a statement, admitted that there was no jawan in the train (Jhalawar City to Shri Ganganagar Express). However, it expressed displeasure over the AAP functionary posting the video after the offenders were arrested.

The RPF also claimed that it demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and swiftly addressed and resolved her distressing ordeal.

The controversy cropped up after Bishnoi, while travelling in the train, posted a video on 'X' at 2:14 am on November 20.

She alleged in the video that she was travelling from Jaipur to Sri Ganganagar in a 2AC coach when she found that three people were consuming alcohol, abusing each other and passengers around them, thus creating nuisance.

She also alleged that there were no RPF jawan in the train and when she lodged a complaint with the police with the help of travelling ticket examiners (TTEs), the RPF personnel came only about an hour later.

“The nuisance started at around 11:40 pm. I went to other compartments of the coach looking for RPF personnel but didn’t get any. Finally, two TTEs helped me lodged a complaint with the police. Meanwhile, the other passengers kept these unruly travellers under control for about an hour,” Bishnoi said.

“We lodged the complaint with police 20 to 30 minutes before the approaching station, Makrana Junction. But when the train stopped at Makrana, no one came to arrest the offenders. After almost 30 minutes, when the train stopped at the next station, Degana, one constable came and arrested the three people,' she added.

Bishnoi also alleged that the offenders were giving her death threats and abusing other women travelling in the train. The RPF, in a statement, admitted that there was no jawan in the train as 5,000 personnel have been diverted from their regular job to election duties.

“In a midnight operation, the Railway Protection Force demonstrated exceptional responsiveness, swiftly addressing and resolving a passenger's distressing ordeal on Train No. 22997 (Jhalawar City to Shri Ganganagar Express) on 20-11-2023,” the RPF said.

According to the RPF, the complaint was received through 'Rail Madad' at 00:17 hrs and RPF Kota Division immediately contacted the complainant at 00:26 hrs, following which the complaint was swiftly forwarded to Jodhpur Division at 00:30 hrs.

“Despite the train departing Makrana Junction station at 00:28 hrs, Ms Bishnoi was promptly attended to on the train's arrival at Degana at 01:02 hrs. The three offenders were deboarded at Degana station by RPF followed by the initiation prosecution against them under the provisions of Railway Act,” the RPF said.

“Contrary to claims in the circulated video of the situation, the prompt and effective response during the late hours at the very next stoppage of the train and booking the culprits, underscores the RPF's dedication to ensuring a secure and comfortable travel experience for railway passengers,” it added.

The RPF admitted that due to the Election Commission's request, approximately 5,000 personnel have been temporarily diverted from regular job of train escorting to election duties across various states.

“The RPF reassures the public that the distribution of escorting personnel is judicious and is prioritizing trains most susceptible to crimes against passengers and the railways. The Railway Protection Force remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing passenger safety and security, continually refining services, and addressing vulnerabilities within the railway system,” it said. PTI JP KVK NB NB

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