BJP govt giving due respect to Manikya dynasty, says Tripura CM

BJP govt giving due respect to Manikya dynasty, says Tripura CM

Agartala, Nov 24 (PTI) Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha on Friday said the BJP-led state government has been giving due respect to the Manikya dynasty for its contribution towards the state's overall development through the years.

As many as 183 kings of the Manikya dynasty had ruled the hilly state for more than 500 years and Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya is considered to be the architect of modern Tripura as he focused on education and infrastructure.

'The kings of Manikya dynasty weren't given recognition earlier. Now, we are giving due recognition and respect to them and trying to work according to the vision of Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya,' he said after unveiling a statue of the king in front of Maharaja Bir Bikram University, a state-run institute, on Friday.

'We will not forget the role of the Manikya dynasty especially Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya for his contribution to education, culture and modern infrastructure,' he said.

The Agartala airport was renamed as Maharaja Bir Bikram airport after the BJP-IPFT government came to power in the northeastern state.

Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur, the last king of Tripura, was the architect and founder of MBB College which was affiliated to University of Calcutta in 1947.

'We used to proudly say that our state has a college like MBB which was on a par with many colleges across the country in the Seventies,' he said.

Saha added, 'The authorities of the college and varsity must focus on quality education and the government will render all possible help.' Vice-chancellor Satyadeo Poddar and special secretary Raval H Kumar were also present at the event. PTI PS MNB

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