In 'Amritkaal' of India's independence, country has come out of mentality of slavery: PM

In 'Amritkaal' of India's independence, country has come out of mentality of slavery: PM

Mathura (UP), Nov 23 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said for the first time in the 'Amritkaal' of India's independence, the country has come out of the mentality of slavery and is moving ahead with the feeling of pride for its heritage.

He was addressing the 'Mirabai Janmotsav', organised here to celebrate the 525th birth anniversary of the poet and Lord Krishna devotee.

'Today for the first time in the 'Amritkaal' of India's independence, the country has come out of the mentality of slavery,' Modi said.

'We have taken the pledge of 'Panch Pran' from the Red Fort. We are moving ahead with the feeling of pride for our heritage,' he said.

Before attending the event, the prime minister paid obeisance at the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple in Mathura. Modi is said to be the first prime minister to visit the temple.  During his address, he said unfortunately, this place of pilgrimage, the Braj region, did not get the importance it should have got after independence.

'The Braj region is not only the land of devotion and love, it has also been the centre of our literature, music, culture and civilization. It kept the country together even in difficult times. But, unfortunately, this place of pilgrimage did not get the importance it should have got after independence,' the prime minister said.

    'Those who wanted to disconnect India from its past, those who were alienated from India's culture and its spiritual identity, even after independence, they could not give up the mentality of slavery. They also deprived the Braj region of development,' Modi said without naming anyone.

Since Independence, the Congress has been in power in the country for most of the time.

Mentioning Ayodhya and Kashi, Prime Minister said in the future, the Braj region will not be left behind in terms of development.

'Today Vishwanath Dham is in front of us in a grand form in Kashi. Today, divinity as well as grandeur can be seen in the Mahakaal Mahalok of Ujjain. Now, the date of inauguration of Lord Shri Ram's temple in Ayodhya has also arrived,' he said.

'Mathura and Braj will also not be left behind in the race of development. The day is not far when God will be seen with even more divinity in the Braj region. I am happy that the Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad has been established for the development of Braj. This council is doing a lot of work for the convenience of devotees and the development of pilgrimage,' Modi said.

Mentioning Mirabai, he said, 'Our country has always been the one that worships women power'.

Women have always taken up responsibilities and have also continuously guided society, the prime minister said and added that 'Mirabai ji is a shining example of this'. The life of Mirabai, an ardent devotee of Lord Shri Krishna, is an inspiration for all, he said.

'It is a privilege for me to participate in the celebration of the 525th birth anniversary of Saint Mirabai in the holy land of Mathura,' Modi said.

Mentioning Gujarat's connection with Lord Krishna, the prime minister said, 'From Lord Krishna to Meerabai, Braj has a special relationship with Gujarat. Kanha of Mathura became the Dwarkadhish only after going to Gujarat.' 'Mirabai ji, who came from Rajasthan and spread love in Mathura-Vrindavan, also spent the last part of her life in Dwarka,' he said.

    This is not just the celebration of a birth anniversary of a 'saint', but the celebration of the entire culture of India, Modi said.

This occasion is also a celebration of the 'idea of non-distinction between Nar and Narayan, Jiva and Shiva, devotee and God,' he said.

    Modi said that 'a saint like Mirabai showed that a woman's self-confidence has the power to give direction to the entire world.' Mirabai was one of the greatest social reformers and pioneers, he added.

Mirabai is known for her devotion to Lord Krishna and she has composed many hymns and verses which are popular even today.

    Modi also released a commemorative stamp and coin in the honour of Mirabai and attended a cultural programme, in which actor-turned-politician Hema Malini, who is the local BJP MP, performed a dance, which lasted for more than one and a half hours.            She said in the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India is witnessing 'nav nirman'.

    Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Governor Anandiben Patel were  present at the event.

    In his address, the chief minister said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the honour of India has increased at the global level.

'Wherever you go in the world, the welcome you receive naturally fills 142 crore Indians with pride. In your leadership, borders have become secure, and in the past nine and a half years, you have a way to address all the problems. In your regime, not only new schemes were launched but also effectively implemented,' he said.

    He also mentioned that on January 22, the consecration ceremony will take place at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.      Modi said, 'Programmes such as the 'Brajraj Mahotsav' are also spreading their light in the stream of development. This entire area is associated with the times of Kanha. Places such as Mathura, Vrindavan, Bharatpur, Karauli, Agra, Firozabad, Kasganj, Palwal, Ballabhgarh.' 'It is the effort of the government to develop the entire area in collaboration with different state governments,' he said. PTI ABN SNS ANB ANB

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