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SAIL’s RSP develops a new, low-cost Final Inspection Bed

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New Delhi: State-run SAIL’s Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has been making all-out efforts to reduce the cost of production so as to improve its bottom-line to meet the stiff competition and emerging market challenges. A team of employees of SAIL’s RSP (Plate Mill department) has developed a Final Inspection Bed at Old Normalising Furnace Cooling Bed Area of Plate Mill.

How has this helped?

The project has ensured better identification and traceability of normalised plates, better customer satisfaction, faster processing and loading, leading to zero demurrage while maintaining adherence of delivery schedule.

“It is worth mentioning here that removal of the scales formed on the plates coming out from normalising furnace and repainting of the nomenclatures used to be done in the BC Bay of the Shop Floor.
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It was leading to space constraints and affecting the final inspection of plates. As a result, there used to be delays in wagon loading resulting in increased demurrages,” an official release said.

Meet the team at SAIL’s RSP who developed the bed

The team comprised of SC Das, Assistant Manager, HK Das, SNP Kumar, B Suna, CR Mohanta, J Behera and KC Mohanta the Assistant Rollers, S Behera, ACT, RK Padhihari and CK Mazumdar, all Senior Technicians at Plate Mill.

They developed the abandoned cooling bed of old normalising furnace by leveling it with cast grills and floor plates. A new compressed air connection was provided for in-house spray painting. The effort facilitated stacking of Final Inspection OK marked and normalised plates and helped in faster wagon loading.

In a special award function under the ‘Utkarsh’ initiative at Plate Mill Department on September 10, Plate Mill GM D Dutta presented the awards to the team members for their exemplary contributions.

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