Thursday, September 29, 2022

Save your urine to help India cut its import bill, says Gadkari and he’s serious!

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Human urine can be utilised for creating a bio-fuel while it can also yield nitrogen and ammonium sulphate, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said

Nagpur: While ruing that his “fantastic” ideas are not taken seriously often, Union minister Nitin Gadkari put forth a proposition that would require authorities to store the entire nation’s urine. And the urine will be used to make urea so that the country does not have to import fertiliser. Human urine can be utilised for creating a bio-fuel and it can also yield nitrogen and ammonium sulphate, Gadkari said while speaking at the Mayor Innovation Awards function of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

‘Storage units for urine at airport’

“I have asked for storage of urine at airports. We import urea, but if we start storing urine of entire country then we will not need to import urea, so much potential it has, and nothing will be wasted,” the minister said.

“Other people do not cooperate with me because all my ideas are fantastic. Even the (municipal) corporation will not help, because in government, people are trained to be like (blinkered) bulls who walk in the rut, not looking here and there,” he said.

Gadkari, known for his outspoken ways, had said a few years back that he stocked up his own urine and used it as fertiliser for the garden at his Delhi residence. He pointed out that even amino acid can be extracted from human hair waste to be used as a fertiliser. He said this method saw a surge in production at his farms by around 25 percent.

Gadkari said he had to buy “five trucks of hair” from Tirupati each month because he could not get enough hair in Nagpur. He obtained his truckloads of hair from Tirupati, where devotees shave their head which are later sold.

“We are selling amino acid abroad and have order of about 180 containers of bio-fertiliser from the Dubai government,” the Union minister said.

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