Thursday, October 6, 2022

Soon, a pan-India smart card that will let you take a ride on any metro

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New Delhi: The Centre is planning to unveil a new smart card that passengers would be able to use across metro networks throughout the country for a limited number of trips. Geared towards catering to tourists coming to India or visiting a city, the card will be different from the “One Nationa, One Card” that the government recently launched and is expected to be unveiled in the next six months.

Passengers would just have to charge the card at the counter when they go to avail the service in different metro networks.
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KYC compliance will be mandatory

While the One Nation, One card can be used for any mode of transport and even for retail purchases, the smart card will be used by passengers only to avail metro services across India. “Many people including those who are visiting a city or the country for limited period won’t go for the One Nation One Card complying with KYC norms. So, for them, this new card would be the best option. These can be obtained by showing proof of passport for foreign visitors and Aadhaar card or any other proof,” an official said.

In both cases, however, complying with strict Know Your Customer (KYC) norms will be mandatory. The cards will be issued by banks.

Ministry working on card specs

The urban affairs ministry has handed over the task of coming up with specifications for these new cards, which will be on the lines of the One Nation One Card, to CDAC, a specialised organisation under the electronics department. “The card has to be uploaded at different Metro networks since each of them has separate fare rules,” the source said.

The government is also believed to be working on other options for passengers, including the option to generate QR code or giving a paper slip with QR code for a single journey.

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