Thursday, July 7, 2022
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2nd tranche commercial coal mine auction

Commercial coal mine auction: Tranche II winning bids lower than Tranche I lowest bid

The tranche-II of commercial coal mine auction opened on a low-key note as two of the winning bids received were lower than the lowest bids recorded during tranche-I in 2020

Commercial coal block auction: Vedanta wins Kuraloi (A) North coal block in Odisha

The Centre has awarded the Kuraloi (A) North coal block in Jharsuguda district of Odisha to Vedanta Ltd

‘With commercial auction tranche 2, govt moving towards rolling auction of coal mines’

Govt offering 67 mines with a total resource of almost 36 bn and explored mines PRCs of about 150 million tonnes in the 2nd tranche of commercial auction of coal mines

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