Friday, January 27, 2023
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Additional Secretary Petroleum

Govt has advised ONGC to bring in partners for Mumbai High, Bassein fields: Minister

The government has advised ONGC to bring in partners for increasing the exploration and production of oil and gas in Mumbai High, Bassein and Satellite fields, said Rameswar Teli

ONGC officers resist govt plan to offer Mumbai High to private sector, demand level playing field

The officers' union of ONGC has said that the government should provide a level playing field instead of handing over the PSU's biggest assets to the private sector on a platter

India looking to attract investment of $50 billion in oil & gas sector in next 4 yrs

India is focussed on achieving producing targets of 40 MT of Oil and 50 BCM of gas by 2023-24 and will require an investment of about $50 billion in the next four years

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