Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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aviation turbine fuel

Govt will re-evaluate airfare cap depending on ATF price movement: Scindia

The government will certainly re-evaluate the fare cap in place for domestic airlines once there is a healthier environment in terms of jet fuel prices

ATF price cut by steep 12%; commercial LPG reduced by Rs 36

Aviation turbine fuel (ATF) prices were cut by Rs 16,232.36 per kilolitre, or 11.75 percent, to Rs 121,915.57 per kl in the national capital

Indian carriers exempted of excise duty on ATF for overseas flights

The Finance Ministry has exempted domestic airlines running international flights from 11 percent basic excise duty on ATF or jet fuel

Jet fuel prices hiked by 16%; touch new record

Jet fuel prices on Thursday were hiked by the steepest ever 16 percent to catapult rates to an all-time high in step with hardening international oil rates

Jet fuel prices increased by 0.2 percent, rates touch record high

Synopsis: Jet fuel prices were raised by a marginal 0.2 percent on Saturday, marking the eighth increase this year. A surge in global crude oil prices has driven ATF prices to a record high this year, putting substantial financial strain on the aviation sector

ATF prices surge to highest-ever in history as fuel retailers announce 5.2% hike

Synopsis: Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices have surged to record highs on Wednesday after oil marketing companies (OMCs) increased rates by 5.2 percent in line with the flare in global crude oil prices

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