Sunday, May 22, 2022
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ethanol blending India

Biofuels policy: Cabinet advances ethanol blending target to 2025-26

The Union Cabinet has given its nod to advancing the target of achieving ethanol blending of 20 percent in petrol by five years to 2025-26

Ethanol blending saved Rs 9,580 cr in forex; E20 fuel cut CO emissions by 50%: Minister

Rameswar Teli has said on Monday that the ethanol blending programme has led to savings of Rs 9,580 crore in forex in ESY 2020-21 so far

Govt eases certification norms for ethanol distilleries to boost blending programme

In an effort to boost the ethanol blending programme, the Central government has eased post-environment clearance (EC) certification norms for ethanol distilleries

PM launches E-100 project in Pune to set up network for production, distribution of ethanol

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched an ambitious ethanol E-100 pilot project in Pune on Saturday to mark the World Environment Day

Govt advances ethanol blending target; OMCs to sell 20% blended petrol from April 2023

Advancing the target for achieving 20 percent ethanol blending by two years, the govt has said that all oil companies will sell ethanol-blended petrol starting April 1, 2023

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