Sunday, June 26, 2022
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India has so far installed 933 EV charging stations across the country: CEA

In its latest report, the CEA has said that a total of 933 EV charging stations have been installed in India until June this year

This Indian Oil retail outlet in Chandigarh now has a battery swapping facility

Dharmendra Pradhan and Punjab Governor inaugurated a battery swapping station for EVs at one of Indian Oil Corporation’s retail outlets in Chandigarh

In the post-COVID world, demand for EVs may be impacted in short term: FICCI

A large number of factors may impact the demand for the EVs in the aftermath of the COVID lockdown for the next two to three years in a significant way, FICCI said

Indian Army, EESL, launch EVs to combat pollution

The Indian Army plans to operate the first batch of 10 EVs as a pilot project in collaboration with EESL and then develop further on this initiative

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