Monday, December 5, 2022
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International Solar Alliance

India to pitch for international biofuels alliance at G20: Puri

India will pitch for a global alliance on biofuels at the upcoming G20 meeting on lines of the International Solar Alliance, said Hardeep Singh Puri

India, France re-elected as President, Co-President of ISA

India and France have been re-elected as President and Co-President of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) at the fifth general assembly of the body

RK Singh inaugurates 5th Assembly of ISA

The Fifth Assembly of ISA was inaugurated by RK Singh on October 18 in his capacity as the President of the international organisation

ISA’s 5th Assembly to be held in New Delhi from October 17-20

ISA works with governments to improve energy access and security worldwide and promote solar power as a sustainable way to transition to a carbon-neutral future

ISA floats tender for 1150 MW solar project in Cuba

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) in partnership with the Cuban government has floated a tender for setting up an 1150 MW solar project in Cuba

ISA-NTPC meeting with Ambassadors and High Commissioners for solar projects under ISA program

NTPC Limited along with International Solar Alliance (ISA) organised a meet with Ambassadors and High Commissioners interested in the implementation of solar parks and projects under the ISA program

NTPC invites bids for building 900 MW solar PV parks in Republic of Cuba

NTPC Limited, a corporate partner of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), has invited bids from developers to build 900 MW solar PV parks in the Republic of Cuba

UN General Assembly confers Observer Status to ISA

The UN General Assembly has conferred Observer Status to the International Solar Alliance (ISA)

ISA’s fourth General Assembly inaugurated, OSOWOG high on agenda

The fourth general assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) has begun on Monday

Sweden joins International Solar Alliance (ISA)

Sweden has ratified the framework agreement for the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and is now a member of the global platform

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