Sunday, May 22, 2022
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No PSU employees involved in ABG scam: Finance Minister

The FM has told parliament that the CBI has registered a case against the company and its directors last month and no PSU employee has been found to be involved in the ABG scam

PNB Housing to raise Rs 4,000 crore from Carlyle Group INC

The Board of Directors of PNB Housing Finance have approved the proposal for capital raise of Rs 4,000 crore from entities led by Carlyle group INC.

Debadatta Chand appointed as Executive Director in Bank of Baroda

Debadatta Chand, who was serving as Chief General Manager in Punjab National Bank, has been appointed as Executive Director of Bank of Baroda

PSU Bank merger will mark a new dawn for Indian banking sector: Govt

In the backdrop of a nationwide lockdown, the govt’s PSU bank merger plan that merged 10 banks to form 4 mega lenders took effect on Apr 1

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