Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Term-Ahead Market

Total electricity volume trade on IEX grows by 9% in Nov: Report

Total electricity trade volume on Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) has registered a nine percent year-on-year growth to 7,392 million units (MU) in November

IEX trade volume dips by 13% to stand at 7,972 mn units in October

The total trade volume of Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) dipped 13 percent to 7,972 million units (MU) in October compared to a year ago

IEX records average clearing price of Rs 8.23/unit in March as electricity demand rises

Synopsis: The Indian Energy Exchange's (IEX) Day-ahead Market saw average market clearing price of Rs 8.23 per unit of electricity in March, which was higher by 85 percent on month-on-month and 102 percent on year-on-year basis

IEX’s real-time market witnesses robust 235% growth in June y-o-y

Signalling a good appetite amidst DISCOMs for procuring power in real-time, the IEX real-time electricity market has witnessed a strong growth in June of 235 percent y-o-y

IEX’s green term-ahead market trades highest-ever electricity volume of 357 MU in May

Indian Energy Exchange’s (IEX) green term-ahead market has traded the highest-ever volume of 357 MU during May

Bhutan, Bangladesh to join IEX’s Cross Border Electricity Trade platform soon

IEX has said that India’s neighbours Bhutan and Bangladesh will follow in the footsteps of Nepal and join the Cross Border Electricity Trade platform soon

IEX trades highest-ever electricity volume in March, average spot price at Rs 4.06/unit

Spurred by the increasing demand for electricity across various states, the electricity market at IEX achieved an all-time high volume of 8,248.52 MU in the month of March

IEX electricity market sees 50% y-o-y growth in Feb

The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) traded 6,769 MU volume and registered a 50 percent year-on-year (YoY) growth in the month of February

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