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Trending: In spectacular U-turn, robber returns stolen money to victim in China

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When the victim revealed her bank balance, the robber was alarmed to see that she was completely broke and thus chose to return the stolen money

An ATM robbery in China took a surprising turn for the better after a thief went on to return the stolen money to the victim, Li. How did this happen? While the robber was not happy with the money he stole from the girl, he demanded for more and asked her to reveal her account balance. On revealing her bank balance, the robber was alarmed to see that she was completely broke.

The incident, which was captured on the ATM’s CCTV, occurred last month showing Li withdrawing 2,500 yuan (around Rs 26,000) before the thief, armed with a knife, approached her and attempted to steal her money, reported Shanghaiist

Social media lauds kind thief

After the incident became public on social media, the thief received praise from around the world for the gesture. But his act of kindness did not get him too far as he was later apprehended by the local police.

A similar incident last year

Steve Valentine, a Birmingham resident, revealed a similar incident in November when he took to Twitter to show how his flatmate had received an email from a thief who had stolen the laptop that contained course work from his university.

“Hello, I am very very sorry for taking your laptop. I am extremely poor and needed the money. I left your phone and wallet so I hope that slightly makes up for something,[sic]” the thief wrote in the email.

“I can see you are a university student. if there are any files such as university work on here that you need, let me know and I will send them to you here,[sic]” he added.

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