Zomato’s FY’18-19 balance sheet also gives a peek into how Incredible India eats

PW Bureau

India’s food choices seem to be as diverse as its geography and truly reflect the spirit of ‘Incredible India’

New Delhi: Apart from revealing Zomato’s financial health, the food delivery app’s fiscal year-end report has thrown up very interesting insights on how and what India eats. And India’s food choices seem to be as diverse as its geography and truly reflect the spirit of ‘Incredible India.’

The idiosyncrasies

The report revealed that a delivery boy in Assam had to take a boat across the Brahmaputra River to deliver an order to a place near Guwahati. By the way, do you know of any place in India where bicycles outnumber bikes as delivery vehicles? In Bihar’s Bhagalpur and Gaya, Zomato deliveries are done mostly by bicycle-riding executives than bikes.

An unusual case was also reported from Rajasthan’s Alwar where the same person placed 292 orders with 48 different restaurants. In Jaipur, on the other hand, 415 boxes were required to make a delivery worth Rs 1,84,760.

India’s palette

That Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh takes its breakfast very seriously was evident from the fact that it beat all other cities in India in placing the most number of orders for breakfast. Madurai was the place where people looked up chicken biryani the most. Gujarat’s Anand is full of pizza lovers as pizza emerged as the most popular order. And Zomato users in Jammu’s tier III cities are most likely to order fast food in comparison to users across other tier III cities in India.

The Superlatives

The report said that Ooty pays the highest average bill per order. Zomato users in Manipal were most frequent in placing orders.

And, this will blow your mind: Indore beat the city that never sleeps — Mumbai — in midnight delivery of food.

While Kota in Rajasthan was the largest emerging city for Zomato, Tuni in Andhra Pradesh was the smallest and placed most cashless orders in the country. In the list of tier-2 cities, Ahmedabad saw the most number of orders being delivered.

Gurgaon-based food delivery app Zomato currently operates in more than 200 cities.