Wednesday, December 7, 2022


India@100: The energy access challenge in power sector

Without addressing discoms’ financial viability, delivering affordable, reliable and clean power to consumers to ensure energy access will remain a pipe dream

Putting railways on track for 2047

The Railways, before 2047, would have all common travellers in AC coaches, somewhat cramped, but provided with basic amenities

India@100: 25 yrs to fix things & make it a century

India@100 in 2047 will not be a super-power in the sense of the competitive colonial powers of the 19th century, it will be what it once was, a Vishwaguru

In the last eight years, the coal sector has grown exponentially

In the last eight years, domestic coal production has increased by 37.3%, and domestic coal offtake has increased by 43%

India’s power shortage crisis is an opportunity to spur the clean energy transition

Synopsis: Investing in thermal energy to help India through the power crisis risks diverting limited financial resources away from cheaper clean energy

Boosting domestic solar PV manufacturing will fuel green hydrogen takeoff in India

Synopsis: With the deployment of green hydrogen, India is ensuring the building blocks are in place for a hydrogen economy that will not only meet domestic needs but also provide export opportunities

Scaling up India’s rooftop solar finance

To realise rooftop solar's potential, funding for commercial and industrial sector installations needs to be as innovative as the technology

There has never been a better time for domestic solar module manufacturing

The government wants to put in place a large domestic solar module manufacturing capacity and intends to be self-reliant to meet long-term decarbonisation goals

How Yogi’s infra & power push propelled Uttar Pradesh into a higher orbit

In the last four years, Yogi Adityanath has taken Uttar Pradesh's infrastructure to a completely new orbit and coupled with tightened law and order, it has immensely helped bring the industry back to the state, writes political commentator Shantanu Gupta

India’s coal crisis produced twin glaring conclusions: Coal is expensive & unreliable

A key takeaway from India's coal crisis is the urgent need for the country to accelerate its transition to a secure, reliable and low-emissions electricity system

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